Cast List

In order of appearance:



In New Sarresant

Sarine – a street artist

Zi – Sarine’s companion, a kaas

Donatien Revellion – son of the Marquis Revellion, a courtier and captain in the army

Father Thibeaux – priest of the Sacre-Lin Chapel

Reyne d’Agarre – member of the Council-General

Madame Guillon – proprietress of the Five Cats Tavern

Saruk – a kaas

Duc-Governor Cherrain – governor of the Colonies of New Sarresant

Anne-Laure Cherrain – the Governor’s daughter

Sister Zoelle – a priestess

Agnes – a maid

Comtess de Rillefort – a conspirator

Arix – a kaas

Vicomte de Merrain – a nobleman and revolutionary

Sub-Boss Guyard – a revolutionary

Julien Duroux – a steward, presiding over the Lords’ Council

Lord Lemais – a nobleman

Lady Racine l’Euillard – a noblewoman, daughter of the Marquise l’Euillard

Master Kellon – a petitioner

Lord Courtenay – a nobleman

Captain Vaudreuil – master and commander of the Redoubtable




With the army

Brigade-Colonel Erris d’Arrent – commander, 14th Light Cavalry

Aide-Lieutenant Sadrelle – Erris’ aide

Lance-Captain D’Guile – commander of A Company, 14th Light Cavalry

Lieutenant Alistair Radford – an infantryman, Gand 2nd Army

Lance-Captain Pourrain – commander of C Company, 14th Light Cavalry

Horseman D’Fer – a cavalryman

Sergeant Fessac – a cavalryman

Horseman Irond – a cavalryman

Horseman L’Orai – a cavalryman

Vicomte-General Carailles – commander, 1st Division, 2nd Corps

Major General Alrich of Haddingston – supreme commander, Gand armies

Marquis-General Anselm Voren – commander, 2nd Corps

Brigade-Colonel Royens – a veteran infantry commander

Field-Captain Anchard Regalle – an artilleryman and fullbinder

Brigade-Colonel Chellac – commander, 16th Infantry

Brigade-Colonel Savasse – commander, 9th Infantry

Brigade-Colonel d’Ellain – commander, 12th Infantry and accompanying artillery

Brigade-Colonel Vassail – commander, 11th Light Cavalry

Vicomte-Colonel de Tourvalle – commander, 15th Infantry

Lance-Lieutenant Rosline Acherre – a cavalrywoman and fullbinder

Regiment-Major Remy Laurent – a fullbinder

Foot-Captain Marquand – a fullbinder and a drunkard

Vicomte-General Dulliers – commander, 3rd Division, 2nd Corps

Sister Elise – head abbess at Arentaigne

Brother Antonin – a priest at Arentaigne

Sister Jolene – a priest at Arentaigne

High Admiral Guillaume Tuyard – commander, Sarresant Navy

Regiment-Major Amarond – commander, 19th Infantry




In Tribal Lands

Arak’Jur – guardian of the Sinari tribe

Arak’Mul – former guardian, deceased

Llanara – a young woman

Rhealla – Arak’Jur’s wife, deceased

Kar’Elek – Arak’Jur’s son, deceased

Ka’Vos – the Sinari shaman

Ilek’Inari – the shaman’s apprentice

Valak’Anor – a master hunter

Ghella – an elder

Hanat’Sol – an elder

Arak’Doren – guardian of the Ranasi tribe

Corenna – a spirit-touched woman of the Ranasi, daughter of Ka’Hinari

Ka’Hinari – the Ranasi shaman

Ilek’Rahs – the Olessi shaman’s apprentice

Valak’Han – an Olessi warrior

Valak’Buri – an Olessi warrior

Arak’Var – guardian of the Olessi tribe

Ilek’Uhrai – the Olessi guardian’s apprentice

Ka’Ruwan – the Nanerat shaman, deceased

Ilek’Hannat – the Nanerat shaman’s apprentice

Arak’Atan – guardian of the Jintani tribe

Valak’Ser – an elder




At the Gods’ Seat

Ad-Shi – The Oracle, Champion of the Wild

Axerian – The Nameless, Champion of Balance

Paendurion – The Exarch, Champion of Order

The Veil – an imprisoned Goddess

Xeraxet – a kaas





Vas’Khan’Uro – warleader of the Yanarat tribe

Venari’Jatek – a warrior of the Yanarat

Ka’Erewun – Yanarat shaman

Kar’Duvik – a Yanarat boy, deceased

Kar’Urrin – a Yanarat boy, deceased

Asseena – a spirit touched woman of the Nanerat

Arak’Erai – guardian of the Nanerat tribe

Alouen – a young boy

Jeanette – a young girl

Marie d’Oreste – a farmer, Alouen’s mother

Philippe d’Oreste – a farmer, Alouen’s father

Prince Louis-Sallet de l’Arraignon – prince of the blood of Sarresant

Prince Gau-Michel de l’Arraignon – Dauphin of Sarresant

King Gaurond de l’Arraignon – King of Sarresant

Prince Emerich – Prince of Gand

Jiaoshen – master bladesman of the Great and Noble House of the Crane

Vekis – a kaas

Omera – a servant